Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Disturb God? 

Yesterday during an out-loud prayer, I heard my friend say "to disturb God." I thought to myself, that's kinda weird. It wasn't until half way through the prayer that I realized that he said, "to serve God."

Monday, August 18, 2003

Fish Sticks

This weekend I went to the beach with Amanda and Jared. While Amanda was playing in the water, Jared and I were hanging out, watching the scene. This guy walks past us with a cooler on his shoulder saying, "Popsicles, Fish Sticks, Ice Cream Sandwiches. Popsicles, Fish Sticks, Ice Cream Sandwiches." I ask Jared, "Why would he be selling fish sticks?!?" That would be kinda gross--uncooked fish sticks. We figured out after a few minutes that he was saying, "Popsicles, Big Sticks, Ice Cream Sandwiches."

It's Contagious

It appears that you can catch Jenny's disease. At Dave's Party this weekend I heard someone describe some purple dogs. I thought to myself, purple dogs, why the heck would someone dye their dog purple? In reality they said, "pit bull dogs". I guess I hang out with Jenny to much.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Med Schools

In the Events meeting today I heard someone ask Jill whether the black out affected "Med Schools." Then, I understood that he was joking, asking Jill if "Mexico" was affected because she's going there next week.

The beginning

This blog is dedicated to my constant misunderstanding of what people are saying around me.

Just last night, I was at McCormick & Schmick's and I thought I heard Terrence say something about "alphabetizers" when he said something about "still cries at Hoosiers."

Andrew has informed me that I have "Mondegreen Issues." Now, if only it was a real syndrome. Then it might be curable...

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