Thursday, August 19, 2004

Do you want a new bladder? 

Tonight while fixing dinner Carrie asked me, "Do you want a new bladder?" She started laughing because she actually asked me if I wanted to be African.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Death Soap? 

Before she went to Africa, Jenny went to PF Chang's with Chris and Tyler, and Chris was talking about people who are distantly related to celebrities. Then he said only "celebrity" he was related to, Jenny heard as "The Creator of Death Soap". What he actually said was, "The Creator Of Zest Soap".

Would You Like a Slice of Onion? 

I was at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf with Jen and Susan when the lady behind the counter asked Jen if she wanted a slice of onion. "Would you like a slice of onion?! Onion with iced tea?!" Jen clarified, "No, she just said, 'Would you like a slice of lemon?'"

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